Master the Minbar

This two-day workshop is our most comprehensive and attended training designed to equip attendees with the essential tools needed to grow into an exemplary speaker.


This critical one-day course explores the often overlooked relationship between our inner self and the impact it has on our verbal and non-verbal communication.

KT Academy

Our premiere 5-week mastery workshop with a focus on practical, hands-on training gathered with individual-specific critique and coaching to accelerate your growth as a speaker week to week.

Customized Training for Your Organization

Khateeb Trainer understands the critical role effective communication plays in any Islamic organization. We also understand the difficulty involved in getting your Management, Advisors, Imams, Khateebs and Spokespeople together to travel for training, not to mention the costs involved in doing so. This is why we bring everything to you. We’ll customize our workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization and will work with you directly to arrange all the logistics—including location, transportation, and refreshments—to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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KT Certified is part of a greater effort to develop and nurture a consistent pool of exemplary khateebs in our communities. Although a work in progress, we envision to set a gold standard for khutbahs and Khateebs across our communities.

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