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The institution of Jumu’ah is the most powerful, yet under-utilized vehicle of change we as Muslims have. For many, Friday prayers is the only religious experience in the week; and quite often than not, it’s an experience void of inspiration, relevance, and practicality. Moreover, it falls short of the basic standard any khutbah or speech should hold up to.

As Khateebs, Teachers and Leaders we have a responsibility to our audience and more importantly an opportunity to inspire and transform entire communities every time we speak. However, to uphold the responsibility and take advantage of the opportunity, we must first acquire the tools and master the art of effective khutbah delivery. If we do this, with Allah’s will, we are confident we can inspire lives, transform communities and maximize the use of this powerful vehicle of change once again.

How can we master the art of effective public speaking and khutbah delivery?

Speaking and being authentic in a way that's real to yourself

Understanding the proven ways to build trust and rapport with all audiences

Developing the confidence to speak in front of audiences of all sizes and people

Presenting ideas that are 'concrete' and aimed at driving home a single objective

Organizing those ideas in a powerful yet clear way so the audience is able and eager to follow along

Delivering that message in a way that motivates the audience to act and make a change.

Introducing Khateeb Trainer

A leading service dedicated to providing the highest quality public speaking and khutbah delivery training for current and aspiring Khateebs, Teachers, and Leaders.


You may be new to giving khutbahs, or new to delivering lectures and speeches all together; or you’ve been doing it for years. In either case, we’re confident we can equip you with tools that will put you in a position to better transform lives and inspire communities insha’allah.

Here’s a little secret we want to let you in on:

Exemplary khateebs are not born with the inherent skills to motivate, engage and communicate effectively and confidently. Rather, they made a conscious decision to be great and put the time and effort into learning and mastering their craft so that they could motivate masses.

Our Trainers

  • Yasin Ahmed
    Yasin Ahmed

    Yasin is the visionary behind Khateeb Trainer. He has dedicated his life to actualize a grand vision: A world in which every Muslim walks proudly with the understanding and commitment to the teachings of Islam. With this motivation combined with his experiences as a regular Khateeb for the last decade and a trained Communications and Public Speaking Professional, he began Khateeb Trainer and is currently the lead trainer.

  • Mohammed Sheikh
    Mohammed Sheikh

    Currently residing in Mississauga, Mohammed is an NLP master practitioner and has completed the competent communicator designation at Toastmasters International while taking first place in the clubs annual speech competition. He is a sales professional and was thoroughly involved with the local chapter of AlMaghrib Institute in the past.

Core Philosophy

We believe in tools NOT models. We believe in authenticity and developing the confidence within every speaker to truly be themselves. That’s why we provide our attendees with the various building blocks so they can mold and apply them to their own speaking style as opposed to a set model that may or may not work for them.

Before you can speak authentically you must believe authentically. We spend a lot of time helping attendees to understand and listen to what is really going on inside of themselves. We do this because to influence real change in others, it’s important that as speakers, we are 100% aligned to our message. Meaning, we identify with it, believe in it and are acting in accordance to it.

You must be willing to get hit. Reality is, you can learn all the theory of public speaking and khutbah delivery, but you can only master the art once you dive in, start speaking, and yes, fall! That’s why we ensure all our workshops provide a significant component dedicated for practical implementation and a safe and friendly environment so you can fall knowing you’ll have us to pick you up.

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