Distinguished Public Speaking, Presentation and Khutbah Delivery services for individuals, organizations and change agents!

Weekend Trainings

Our popular weekend khutbah training workshops, ‘Master the Minbar’ and ‘Becoming’, expose attendees to the necessary tools and spiritual guidelines of public speaking and khutbah delivery.

KT Academy

We’ll meet once a week for a total of six weeks. Every meeting you will walk away with immediately applicable tools, guidance from our expert trainers, and lots of time to practice, ask questions, and refine your skills.

Train Your Team

Customized public speaking workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization and team. We’ll train your Khateebs, Teachers, and Community Leaders at your location, so you don’t have to do the traveling.

Are you upholding the responsibility?

The institution of Jumu’ah is the most powerful, yet under-utilized vehicle of change we as Muslims have. This institution is the largest religious experience in the week, and for many it’s the only. Yet, it’s an experience that many audiences are unmoved by. Moreover, many times it falls short of the basic requirements a khutbah or any speech should hold up to!

As Khateebs, Leaders and Organizations we have an opportunity every week to inspire and transform communities with our words, and more importantly a responsibility to our audiences who depend on us. Whether you’ve been serving the community for years or are new to delivering khutbahs and speeches, take a moment and ask yourself:

…Am I inspiring and transforming lives with my words?

…Am I upholding the responsibility of the minbar?

…Am I doing the best I can?

Khateeb Trainer is here for you. A leading service dedicated to providing the highest quality public speaking and khutbah delivery training for Khateebs, Leaders and Organizations.

  • Third time coming to the Khateeb Trainer workshops, and I have benefited the most out of this last workshop for sure! JazakAllahu Khairun to the KT team!

    Asim S.
  • Alhumdulilah, my experience at the Khateeb Trainer Academy was life changing! I had problem standing up in front of people and presenting anything. Now, Alhumdulilah with Allah's grace and efforts of KT trainers like Br. Muhammad and Yasin Ahmed I can confidently stand up and talk in front of people. This course not only allowed me to learn how to prepare and deliver effective khutbah's it also gave me confidence to speak in front of audience. I pray to Allah SAW to reward the trainers.

    Mohammad F.
  • What an experience! The trainers at Khateeb Trainer were very insightful, helpful, well educated, trained, and experienced in public speaking. It really helped me to gain a better understanding of the ability we have within us to deliver an effective Khutbah. All lessons, activities, and discussions in class were unique in their own way and provided insight on the flow, structure, clarity, body language, voice projection, and use of emotions.

    Faizaan A.
  • An excellent avenue to gain knowledge, acquire practical skills, and most importantly develop confidence in the pursuit of becoming an exemplary khateeb. Stuff you learn here will go well beyond the pulpit and will come handy both in your personal and professional lives.

    Abdul Rehman K.
  • I regret missing a few of the sessions. Nonetheless, alhumdulillah, Khateeb Trainer was a great experience and full of benefit. This workshop has helped me become more confident and I picked up many skills that I lacked before this workshop.

    Abdullah F.
  • A packed weekend full of practical tips and advice for delivering Khutbas. A must-attend for anyone looking to make an impact when they speak.

    Bilal R.
  • Yasin and Mohammed have an incredibly rare talent in that they can work with you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and then help you with ways to overcome them and become the best you can be.

    Abdul Rehman Q.
  • I benefited so much from Khateeb Trainer and our trainers! They were very friendly and most importantly I felt comfortable with them. They were able to set a very stimulating environment. Yasin provided excellent tutorials regarding the art of delivering a khutbah, while Mohammed was able to break down the emotional and 'human' factors of giving a khutbah. They were a perfect combination.

  • Khateeb Trainer gives you a holistic vision of what a khutbah is. It is beyond a simple speech on friday, but it envisions a lifestyle change, of practicing what you preach.

    Ibraheem A.
  • Khateeb Trainer has allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and unearth the specific areas I needed to work on to become a better speaker. This was priceless! Not to mention that the instructors were on point, asking the right questions and quickly addressed the heart of whatever I needed to improve on with specific actions. Thank you to Khateeb Trainer for providing this service to the community.

    Mohammed H.
  • I would highly recommend Khateeb Trainer for their expertise. They are professionals who ensure we get the most out of this workshop. Providing technical and practical sessions of a Khutba with intense feedback, it is highly beneficial.

    Osama M.
  • I can say this honestly, that there was not a single session during the Khateeb Trainer workshop that was not valuable to me. They were all important and give insight on how to perform an effective khutbah.

    Saad K.
  • I was as nervous as they come when it came to giving khutbahs. Khateeb Trainer helped me get rid of my nervousness and made me a much better public speaker. The time to practice plus all the amazing feedback after my mock khutbahs was so helpful. It helped me significantly in becoming more confident and better ready to deliver khutbahs.

    Osama M.
  • Alhamdullilah, I learned the art of giving a proper khutbah from Khateeb Trainer. This workshop has given me the knowledge, courage, and Islamic spirit that I needed to start delivering khutbahs effectively. I would ask every brother out there to set aside time and take this workshop. This is probably the most valuable Islamic workshop I have been to in my life.

    Khalid W.
  • We JUST finished the workshop and I'm already recommending it to people. Do yourself a favor and attend the Khateeb Trainer workshop next time it comes around. You won't regret it.

    Shayan S.
  • Khateeb Trainer is THE place to get trained! Not only for aspiring khateebs but also for current khateebs who are looking for professional or formal training in a comfortable environment.

    Nauman M.
  • Khateeb Trainer has been a wakeup call for me. This workshop really pushed me to rethink my approach when preparing khutbahs while giving me the necessary tools to improve my content and delivery. I would definitely recommend this workshop for any khateebs out there.

    Abdul Rehman Q.
  • Many masajid and organizations try to equip their community with presentation and communication skills. However, when skill-sharing, it's important to utilize the best people for the job. I would highly encourage other Islamic organizations and khateebs to utilize Khateeb Trainer as they are the best people for the job!

    Basil K.
  • Khateeb Trainer is a must-attend experience for anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of giving khutbahs.

    Asim S.
  • It was an amazing workshop. Yasin and Mohammed do a great job of inspiring khateebs and encouraging them to strive for a high standard in their khutbahs. The discussions were relevant, the psych concepts were interesting and useful and the push to get trainees out of their comfort zone was effective. I would recommend Khateeb Trainer without question.

    Obaidullah K.
  • Everyone that has ever thought about giving a khutbah needs to take this workshop.

    Umair M.
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